Nothing ear (1) Is Here!!! Exclusive India Details🔥🔥🔥

Namaskaar Dosto, yeh ek exclusive video hai jaha pe maine aapse baat ki hai Carl Pei ke naye start-up Nothing ke baare mein. Yaha pe 27th July ko Nothing apna first product ear(1) launch karne waala hai aur maine discuss ki hai bahut si details Nothing India ke VP aur General Manager Mr. Manu Sharma ke saath isi Nothing ear (1) ke baare mein aur yaha pe saath hi Nothing ke future plans bhi discuss kiye hai. Is video mein Manu ne exclusive details share ki hai Nothing ear(1) ki India price ke baare mein. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko yeh Nothing ear(1) ki yeh exclusive video pasand aayegi.

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    Does it support multiple device connectivity or quick switch just like OnePlus buds Z? Also does it have low latency mode?

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    I'm excited

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    Liked share and subscribe also

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    TG family

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    I win #nothing this is hilarious

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    world best sennheiser iE900 🖤🌎

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    Best nothing airpods😍😍

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    They seems good earphones

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    Hi nothing I am Amritpal plz don't forget to give me giveaway of technical guruji nothing ear (1) in top 50 😁

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    Quality thik hona jaruri hai designs kaisa bhi hoo.....l

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    Lol clickbait at most

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    Indian market is importent market for nothing

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    Namashkar dosto toh chaliye shuru krte hai

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    सस्ती चीजें ओर घटिया लोग शुरू शुरू में बहुत अच्छे लगते है I सपोर्ट शर्माजी टेकनिकल

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    i m eagerly waiting for its design language...

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    Unique product

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    Idea come from nothing mind😁

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    5:46 Guruji farted

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    🤣🤣 are bhai ,, kya kya dekh rahe ho🤦🏻‍♂️

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    👍Audible fart, So Non-Toxic 😜

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    Nothing found 😂😂

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    Ye earphones sabse pehle gaurav bhai ke channel me show ho raha hai to isme koi jaroor baat to ho gi

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    Shayad is ear phone kuch alag dekhne ko milega

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    Click bate!!

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    Nothing would be nothing and will never be in some time. This idiot on this video before two weeks says that India launch would be with world on 27th July and here I am, looking at their India website telling launch on 17th August. Looks like it's nothing to these nothing people......

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    Dude Launch and sale r diff ....

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    Big fan sir 🤠

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    Bhai bahut sara badhiya aur namste app ke hum bahut bade fan hai . #nothing I am a big fan of carl pie . Hope you give it to me it will be supporting carrier in my life and studies. #TGfamily

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    Manu Sharma > Manu Kumar Jain ?🤔

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    Which tws is technical guruji using?

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    Me: What's unique about this product? Nothing: NOTHING

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    Fake hypes😒

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    US $99, Pound £99, Euro €99. Why Not ₹99 In India.

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    @Mahideep Ranasinha Yes. You Will Get Lesser Than 99. If Indian Rupee Goes Up. Once Upon A Time US $ Was Lesser Than Indian Rupee.

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    99 mein earphone milta hai kya ??

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    , 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Pakka Nokia se Idea aaya hoga…..

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    7:50 definitely not scripted 😁😆

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    Bhai video ni dekhi jaegi bhaisaaaab ki Koi bta do rate ki baat hui ha nahi and kitne ke honge ye TWS

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    Yar uncle ko koi acha mic dedo phele.

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    Why you are misleading with your shit thumbnails, pls maitain the standards as you gotta good number of followers..

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    Bhai iska koi standard nhi hai.. views ke liye bs bkchodi krta h yeh.. 😂

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    Ab mai realme ki chaatne k baad nothing ki chatunga😂😂

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    Sometimes NOTHING is good!

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    I'm damn sure this brand gonna rule the Indian market

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    I need iphone 12 pro

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    Sound quality matters more than design

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    Waiting for this but the price point should have been Rs.4,999

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    @Qesta You my friend, are the finest piece of example of a pessimist. I am planing to buy a Ferrari by saving that 1k.

  • KD's BurnerAccount

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    @Ryze you really expect that level of ANC from something priced like that and that too from a new company? Products are always overhyped and bragged about, always keep your expectations low.

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    @Ryze it may not be as good as the airpods pro but the price difference is massive.

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    @Qesta 😂😂 If it has equal noise cancellation as airpods pro i am ready to pay ₹6k

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    Yes, by saving 1000₹ you may be planning to buy swift dzire

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    That's abstraction

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    I hope this earphone will good

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    need it

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    @Technical Guruji

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    Nothing ear

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    What's the latency bhai

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    Click bait thumbnail... Not expected from this channel.. Low blow.

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    Nothing means we could not see any bugs in this device

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    Love you Sir 😍 Love from WestBengal ❤️

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    If you want your broken or malfunctioning headphone or earphone repaired please contact at AURUM ELECTRONIS mob no.8793625737

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    Raha nahi jata tadak he aisi hai na iski launch ke liye bas iska giveaway jit jau joy ×100

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    Encapsulation nai Abstraction is the property of OOP which dictates that unnecessary details be hidden from the end user. CS squad hit like.

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